Managed Imprest Stock

Managed Imprest Stock

Getting glass stock levels right in the depot stores poses additional problems, primarily because of the vast number of different glasses needed to cover the fleet and the random unpredictability of glass requirements.

The dilemma whether to tie up capital by keeping stock levels high or to rely on deliveries and keep stock levels low, can be relieved by the use of consignment, or imprest, stock.

Having an advance fund of stock (from which a depot can draw from at any time) gives immediate front line indemnity, particularly as the fund range is designed to give cover right across the fleet (width) rather than volume (depth) of any specific product.

No capital is tied up, there is no fear of obsolescence nor any immediate reliance on deliveries is necessary. The fund is topped up periodically from the supplier's central stock, and invoiced accordingly.

PSV Glass can, by agreement, design an imprest stock suitable for depot requirements, potentially enabling the return of vehicles into service sooner.

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