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Bus body side-glass

The glass fitted to bus bodies has evolved in the past two decades from flat single 4mm clear toughened glass fixed to the body with EPDM (rubber) glazing gasket to a curved double 5mm tinted glass, with complex black ceramic banding, directly bonded to the body shell, and with many variations in-between.

A tilting hopper assembly is usually fitted to alternate windows to provide ventilation, the latest generation being flush mounted with no part of the frame visible from the outside.

One of the windows could be designated as a means of escape in the event of an emergency. On a double-deck bus this is normally the rear window that is released from its locking system and on a lower or single deck bus this could either be a opening door or a window that is required to be broken with an adjacent hammer or a fixed window breaking device.

The driver's cab signalling window can be constructed with a security glass to give additional protection and is sometimes heated

Bus windscreens

Before privatisation of the British bus industry, the National Bus Company (NBC) requested bus builders to rationalise common parts, the windscreen being one of them. Triplex was commissioned to produce a driver's zone toughened windscreen symmetrical with a non-driver's toughened windscreen; the construction of these was later changed to laminated glass.

Since then and for many years, bus windscreens were generally of this vertical split-type design and fixed to the body with EPDM (rubber) glazing gasket but, with advances in direct glazing technology, large laminate glass development and aesthetic restraints liberated, bus windscreens can be full one-piece (monoblocs) supporting sophisticated electronic destination display equipment.


PSV Glass has in-house facilities to refurbish and repair mechanical bus windows i.e. hopper assemblies and driver's cab signalling windows.

PSV Glass bus products reach the end-user (operator) on a Next Day or Same Day basis using our own dedicated purpose-built Service Delivery Vehicles (SDVs).

Our SDVs are continually satellite tracked on a vast - real-time - flat screen monitor at the PSV Glass Central Distribution Centre in High Wycombe, giving us the confidence to reliably assure you of an accurate delivery time.

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